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Motor Industry Association of Zimbawe

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Motor Industry House, 77 Central Avenue / 7th Street, Harare

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+263 4 253 281/2

Panel Beating & Spray Painting

  1. Premises shall be registered under the Factories and Works Act
  2. A Journeyman, or person of equal qualifications as defined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Motor Industry shall be employed.
  3. Water and electrical power.
  4. The Employer shall have registered with the National Employment Council for the Motor Industry (NECMI) as an Employer within Industry.

   a) Air Compressor and spray equipment;
   b) Garage Jack;
   c) Straightening and bending equipment;
   d) Sanding machine;
   e) Welding plant, electric and oxy-acetylene;
   f) Power drill;
   g) Bench and Vice;
   h) Body clamp;
   i) Creepers;
   j) Trestles;
   k) Other necessary small tools;
   l) Designated Spraying Area.