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Motor Industry Association of Zimbawe

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Motor Industry House, 77 Central Avenue / 7th Street, Harare

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Engine Reconditioners

  1. Premises shall be registered under the Factories and Works Act
  2. An adequate range of spare parts shall be held or be stocked as soon as admitted to membership.
  3. Premises shall include a fully equipped engine reconditioning workshop with water, electrical power and compressed air;
  4. A Journeyman, or person of equal qualifications as defined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Motor Industry shall be employed.
  5. The Employer shall have registered with the National Employment Council for the Motor Industry (NECMI) as an Employer within Industry.

   a) Crankshaft grinding machine;
   b) Boring bars;
   c) Conrod algning equipment;
   d) Conrod boring machine;
   e) Line boring equipment;
   f) Press suitable for re-sleeving;
   g) Valve seating and refacing equipment, micro meters and other precision measuring equipment;
   h) Reamers and stocks and dies;
   i) Adequate small tools;
   j) Adequate cleaning facilities;
   k) Surface grinder.