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Motor Industry Association of Zimbawe

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Auto-Glass Fitters

  1. If the premises fall within the definition of a factory under the Factories & Works Act, then they shall be registered under the Act.
  2. If operating from a fixed position, a) roofing cover shall be sufficient to protect a vehicle from weather damage while being worked on, b) the yard/parking area shall be fenced or walled and gated, c) an adequate office/reception area shall be in use.
  3. If operating a mobile service, the service vehicle(s) shall bear the name of the company and be capable of safety carrying glass and fitting equipment.
  4. The company shall be registered with the National Employment Council of the Motor Industry (NECMI) as an employer within the motor industry.
  5. A Skilled Worker Class 4, as defined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Motor Industry.
  6. The company shall have an insurance cover policy covering public liability and the risk of loss of or damage to vehicles being worked on and breakages arising out of fitment problems.
  7. The company shal sign an undertaking to fit only safety glass approved by SAZ or any internationally recognized standrds organiszation.

   a) Work Bench;
   b) Adequate sets of spanners (socket, flat & ring);
   c) Screwdrivers (flat & Phillips star and Allen keys);
   d) Pliers;
   e) Side-cutters;
   f) hacksaw;
   g) snips;
   h) adequate windscreen removal tools;
   i) sealing applicator gun;
   j) scrapers;
   k) vehicle protection covers;
   l) cleaning materials