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Motor Industry Association of Zimbawe

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Motor Industry House, 77 Central Avenue / 7th Street, Harare

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Benefits of Using MIAZ

What does joining MIAZ mean for your company?

By joining the MIAZ, you have taken the first step in showing you are committed to shaping your Association and the Motor Industry in the way that will most benefit your business and make you successful.

MIAZ membership with its new corporate identity/logo reflects the new levels of professionalism of the Association and our members in the market. Using the logo correctly helps people understand who the MIAZ are, reinforcing professional standards and ensuring Members are well recognised in the competitive motor industry. The new logo places a distinct divide between the legitimate trade and the informal trader, giving motorists increased confidence in the products and services which they are investing.


This is done through the Motor Industry Employers Association of Zimbabwe (MIEAZ) The MIEAZ is the official employer representative of employers in the Motor Industry on the Collective Bargaining Agreement where minimum wages and terms and conditions of employment in the motor industry are negotiated with employee representatives. This is currently being done on a quarterly basis. This major national responsibility which is also STATUTORY has to be handled through the organisation and negotiators have to date achieved the most cost effective conditions of service of any N.E.C. in similar industry constituting a major benefit to the membership.


The MIAZ lobbies Government at all levels to represent industry concerns and formulates policy recommendation which enhances members' businesses.


The MIAZ define standards under which the motor industry operates in all its trade sections and there are advantages when done collectively than having each enterprise members setting their own standards. Through these standards MIAZ has encouraged the motoring public and other relevant stakeholders to deal with MIAZ members who are an organised unit and who operate within the MIAZ Code of Conduct. We also intend to embark on a campaign soon to remind the public to always for reliability and consistent quality do business with MIAZ members.


We reached an agreement in December 2008 with Government Central Vehicle Registry (C.V.R.) for MIAZ to provide Temporary Vehicle Registration (TIC's) an initiative which has been of great benefit to Members and the Motoring Public.


The MIAZ offers a free service to Members and their Customers to resolve disputes without recourse to expensive and time consuming legal proceedings. This is public expression of integrity and ethical standards to which Members of MIAZ subscribe to as per the MIAZ Code of Conduct. All members are expected to co-operate fully with the Complaints Investigator who has over 50 years of experience in the motor trade business with a view to resolving complaints