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Motor Industry Association of Zimbawe

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Motor Industry House, 77 Central Avenue / 7th Street, Harare

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+263 4 253 281/2

Garage, Workshops & Engineers

  1. Premises shall be registered under the Factories and Works Act and are to be adequate wih sufficient covred floor space of not more less than 100 square meters for mechanical repairs.
  2. A fully equipped motor repair workshop, sufficient to cope with any normal repair job adequate range of spare parts and accessories shall be held or shall be purchased as soon as admitted to membership.
  3. Adequate cleaning facilities.
  4. A Journeyman, or person of equal qualifications as defined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement for the Motor Industry shall be employed to give full mechanical service.
  5. The Employer shall have registered with the National Employment Council for the Motor Industry (NECMI) as an Employer within Industry.

   a) Air Compressor Unit;
   b) Adequate water and electrical supply;
   c) Suitable puncture and repair facilities, including tyre levers and beed breaker;
   d) Chassis lubricating plant consisting of hoist, ramp or pit, power lubricating unit and gear oil dispensers;
   e) Battery and electrical equipment consisting of battery charger, hydrometer, battery filler, and distilled water;
   f) Equipment for attention to motor, consisting of micrometer (ID and OD) dial gauge, compression gauge, (petrol and diesel) ridge cutter, cylinder hone, ring squeezer, spark plug cleaner and tester;
   g) Voltmeter, ammeter, timing light and vacuum gauge;
   h) Welding outfit, electric and oxy-acetylene;
   i) Soldering equipment;
   j) Miscellaneous shop equipment, viz: work bench, grinder, bench drill and stand, stocks and ries, reamer sert, garage jacks, trestles, torque wrench and a suitable range of spanners;