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Motor Industry Association of Zimbawe

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Motor Industry House, 77 Central Avenue / 7th Street, Harare

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+263 4 253 281/2

About MIAZ

The Motor Industry Association of Zimbabwe (formerly Motor Trade Association of Zimbabwe) is an association of long standing having been registered in Bulawayo on 6th of February 1933. It is well known to the public, Government and various sectors of commerce and industry. It exists for the benefit of members and the motor trade as a whole in endeavouring to maintain a high standard of service to the public and assist members wherever possible. The Association has a secretarial office and an Area Executive Committee in each of the five provinces and is governed by a National Council.

Aims and Objectives

a)To promote and encourage the interests of members by ensuring that proper standards of service and ethical trading conditions are maintained throughout the Motor Trade and generally to watch over and protect the general interest of the industry.

b)To consider any matters or questions connected directly or indirectly with the Motor Trade or the economic development of Zimbabwe, any matter or questions of Government or public body policy and any other matters or questions of general public importance; and to express or publish its opinions on any such matters or questions; and to take such action with regards thereto as it may deem advisable.

c)To consider all National Municipal or other legislation or proposed legislation affecting or likely to affect either directly or indirectly the Motor Trade, the interest of the Association or its members, and to take such steps in regard thereto as may be deemed advisable.

d)To represent members in negotiations with the Government of Zimbabwe or any legislative or administrative body concerning matters affecting the Motor Trade.

e)To collect, circulate and/or publish statistics and other information relating to any of its objects.

f)To enter and fulfil any arrangement with any Government or authority and to obtain from any such Government or authority any rights or privileges which the Association may consider it desirable.

g)To co-operate or affiliate with any body or group or persons within Zimbabwe or elsewhere, having the objects similar to those of the Association.