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Motor Industry Association of Zimbawe

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Motor Industry Employers Association of Zimbabwe (MIEAZ)

The Motor Industry Employers' Association of Zimbabwe, registered on 5 January 1973, represents the interests of employers in the motor industry, and is registered and certified as an employers' organisation in terms of the Labour Relations Act. It is the sister body to the Motor Industry Association of Zimbabwe and is represented by a President, and is governed by a National Council. Membership is automatic for any ordinary members of the Motor Industry Association of Zimbabwe. The aims and objectives of the Association are:

  • To regulate the relations between members and their employees and to protect and further the interests of members in relation to their employees;
  • To promote the interests of apprentices and learners, to encourage the practical and technical training of apprentices, to encourage every effort through apprenticeship and learnership to create efficient craftsmen and operatives in the industry;
  • To encourage the establishment of good conditions in premises in which work is done in regard to structure, ventilation, lighting, sanitation and cleanliness, machinery, prevention of accidents and generally to promote the reasonable interests of all concerned in the industry;
  • To promote the interests of members;
  • To communicate and co-operate with other bodies for the purposes of joint action for the protection of trade and traders;
  • To encourage settlement of disputes by conciliatory methods.

Being a registered employers' organization the association is party to the National Employment Council for the Motor Industry (NECMI), and as such represents all employers in the industry. The other parties are the Automotive & Allied Workers Union of Zimbabwe (AAWUZ) and Motor Trade Workers Unions of Zimbabwe (MTWUZ) representing employees in the industry. Members are represented by the elected representatives at all meetings held by NECMI. All industrial agreements are reached by way of negotiations with AAWUZ and MTWUZ, while NECMI is the body which administers such agreements and ensures that both employers and employees adhere to them.