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Motor Industry Association of Zimbawe

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Motor Industry House, 77 Central Avenue / 7th Street, Harare

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Tyre Dealers and Retreaders

  1. Premises shall be registered under the Factories and Works Act
  2. Sufficient floor space in service bay to accommodate a minimum three (3) standard sized vehicles for “while you wait” tyre and wheel changing service and further parking space for vehicles according to the size of the workshop.
  3. A fully equipped workshop to cope with any normal retreading or repair job.
  4. An adequate range of new tyres and tubes shall be held or shall be stocked as soon as admitted to memebrship.
  5. Water and electrical power.
  6. The Employer shall have registered with the National Employment Council for the Motor Industry (NECMI) as an Employer within Industry.

   a) Air compressor unit (or units) of sufficient capcity to meet workshop and customer demands at any time.
   b) Buffing unit;
   c) Retreading moulds with necessaey matrices for the retreading of a full range of passenger sized tyres in normal use;
   d) Retreading moulds with necessary matrices for the retreading of giant tyres, having rgard to sizes in general use in the area;
   e) Tyre repair moulds for all normal giant and passenger sized repair jobs;
   f) Tread rubber stitcher;
   g) Tube and valve-seat vulcanizer;
   h) Tyre spreaders capable of handling all sizes of yres;
   i) Flexible shaft machnies (light and heavy duty);
   j) Giant tyre remover;
   k) Passenger tyre remover;
   l) Garage jacks;
   m) Adequate number of trestles;
   n) Miscellaneous shop equipment, including work benches, hand stitchers, tyre levers, pressure gauges, small hand tools;
   o) Wheel Balancing Equipment.